KDV is an intelligent community.

The combination of two industries: E-Sport + E-Business.

Electronic sport is a passion that has been connecting us for over 20 years.
Network businesses have taught us how to make money through marketing.
Our community aims to increase financial intelligence.

Learning about 4 main types of assets:

1) Businesses
2) Real estate
3) Securities
4) Goods

We derive knowledge from 15 top E-Business Leaders, most of them are multimillionaires.

KDV’s mission is for everyone in the community to achieve financial freedom and gain passive income.
Health, including psychology, is an important element for us. We will probably live longer thanks to knowledge and new technologies.
In the forum we will discuss forbidden topics, e.g. the biggest crimes of humanity or the pyramid of world governance.
At KDV, we have separate ranks for people who only want to be players in computer games, association members or business partners.
Three levels of recruitment:
1. Joining the game and representing us under the [KDV] tag – for players.
2. Joining the KDV association, by signing the membership declaration – for members of the association.
3. Joining the website and E-Business – signing the contract and learning about assets, health, e-businesses.

KDV Unlimited

Everyone who is interested in E-Sport and has no skill or age requirements can join our community.
KDV will contain all elements related to E-Sport – teams, e-sport classes, Gaming House, tournaments, leagues, ladders, masters, game servers etc.